How to Combat Your Craving for Comfort Foods

How to Combat Your Craving for Comfort Foods

When feeling stressed, many often turn to comfort foods, but according to a 2014 study by psychologist Traci Mann found, eating comfort foods doesn’t actually boost mood any faster than eating nothing at all. The foods we yearn for in times of stress are often rooted in childhood and according to a study published in the journal Appetite, there is a deeply social and emotional component to foods that provide us solace.

This is one important reason why surgery is not the WHOLE answer for Bariatric surgery patients.  At NJBI, We understand that the patient is more than a set of wounds, or an altered body part.  We have carefully selected nutrition and behavior professionals who are not simply there to check boxes on clearance forms.  They are specifically trained, experienced professionals who have been carefully vetted to be certain that they understand the issues that our patients face, and are capable of adding value to their pre surgery and post surgery experience.  They are independent contractors and therefore are constantly judged by the efforts rather than being just another source of income for our practice or medical organization.  At NJBI, it’s all about the patient.  That’s one BIG reason why we have better outcomes and well adjusted post op alumni.

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