The NJ Bariatric Institute surgeons are familiar with the Capella Procedure as a primary weight loss operation. They are also familiar with revision surgery for patients who had the Capella procedure in the past.

Dr Capella was a NJ surgeon, predominantly in Bergen County. He performed his procedures by open surgery. His patients remain throughout our state. Many of these patients have sought follow up care through our organization for medical, nutritional or surgical options.

The Capella procedure is also known as the Fobi procedure, the Fobi-Capella Bypass, or the Banded Gastric Bypass. It is a gastric bypass with a specific modification. The gastric pouch is made longer than usual, and in a tubular shape. It functions like an extension of the esophagus. The end of the tubular pouch is attached to the small intestine with suture material to complete the bypass. One inch above the attachment, a thick one inch wide mesh material is wrapped around the gastric pouch and sutured in place. This “band” is usually made of polypropylene mesh (there are less common variations) which resembles plastic window screen. Over time, the tissue grows into the mesh creating a thick, durable band around the lower pouch preventing dilation of the attachment of the pouch to the intestine. This theoretically leads to better preservation of weight loss with time.

The band can become narrow with time however and patients can experience frequent vomiting. The mesh can also erode through the wall of the pouch into the stomach interior causing bleeding or vomiting.

The results achieved by Doctors Capella and Fobi with banded bypass have not been able to be repeated by laparoscopic surgeons. The reasons for this are unclear.

NJ Bariatric Institute surgeons reserve this technique for highly selected individuals who will have their procedure performed as open surgery.