Gastric Surgery Changed my Life Forever


Gastric Surgery with NJ Bariatric Institute changed my life forever!

weight loss andrea

“After contemplating having the surgery for 3 years I finally made the decision to follow through and attend a seminar.

In Dec 2007 I gave birth to my son and ended up in ICU with a hematoma on my liver due to severe pre-eclampsia and HELP syndrome. At my 6 month follow up they thought I had metastatic disease and sent me for a liver biopsy. Turned out I had a severe fatty liver (NASH) as well as hepatic adenomatosis. So not only having 3 different liver issues, high blood pressure and high triglycerides, my glucose was now rising as well.

I knew in order for those numbers to come down, I needed to lose weight. I tried numerous diets only to lose and gain the same 15 lbs. On September 10, 2012, my life changed forever. I’m currently 6 months out and 17 lbs from my goal weight but will be VERY happy if I maintain where I am at now. I can not THANK Dr. Bertha enough for this life altering change and a new life being healthier and around for my son!!!!