General Surgery

Our surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Bertha is an expert in Laparoscopic procedures of all types. He is a fully trained, General Surgeon with additional expertise. Dr. Bertha is Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery. Because of his extensive training, he is qualified to perform General Surgery in addition to Bariatric procedures. Dr. Nicholas Bertha currently continues to perform common outpatient general surgical procedures including Hernia repairs (Inguinal, Umbilical, Ventral and Incisional), Gallbladder removal, Anti Re-flux, Heartburn or Hiatus Hernia Repairs and others. NJ Bariatric Institute, Dr. Bertha is broadly trained and will be happy to consider any of your surgical needs. If your issue is not one that he can currently take care of, he will be happy to make a referral regionally to the most qualified person in your area. We know the field. We know our colleagues. We’re here to help.