Life After Weight Loss Surgery

Life after weight loss surgery varies. Just as each individual seeking bariatric surgery has different characteristics and goals, each of our alumni have a different course in their journey. The NJ Bariatric Institute has been set up with you in mind. We understand the process. We know how important it is that you stay connected and focused in order to continue to enjoy the added life which comes with your lost weight. We offer free regional support groups for patients in Morristown, Newark, Clifton and the New Jersey area, along with an online blog and options available through our website for your benefit and ease in staying connected.

It is our goal to remain an important resource for you, and an active part of your life both before and after bariatric surgery. Our services are multidisciplinary for a reason. As you get farther and farther from surgery, your medical and emotional needs change. Your surgeon remains an important member of our team, but increasingly, your care requires non-surgical caregivers. Our staff includes a range of specialists who are familiar with the process of dramatic weight loss, the operations, their timelines of effectiveness, and the specific issues and challenges faced by each category of patient post operatively. These people have been assembled to continue to work with you and your primary doctor to support your success so it becomes permanent.

The field of weight management is moving very quickly. New discoveries are coming from research studies of surgical weight loss patients, and basic science advances in genetics. Recommended treatment, supplements and interventions based on the underlying causes of obesity are changing constantly. We want to make the most comprehensive, up to date options available for our patients. Our specialists can provide this through a single organization.

Metabolic medicine, hormone replacement, Infusional therapy, Nutraceutical therapy, Nutrition monitoring in person or remotely, Behavioral and Reconditioning programs are all available to keep you moving forward. Skin management options including fitness, nutrition and even plastic surgery are available for patients whose needs require these services.

What appears to be true in all cases is that THERE IS CURRENTLY NO CURE FOR OBESITY. It is a chronic disease and requires long term management. Just as there is no single known cause, there is no single known treatment. Currently, weight loss surgery presents the best method of getting the weight off and resetting what the body thinks is “Normal”. No surgical patient continues to lose weight forever. Each operation has a time limit where it is no longer effective in causing weight loss OR preventing weight regain! You need to stay connected to ensure that you can have access to the best treatments and advice to prevent a return of your weight and health problems.

We ask that all patients take their vitamins daily, exercise to their level of comfort and make informed food choices at the very least. We want you to perform the blood work or other testing which might be requested in order to help us help you. We want to be sure that there are no new or evolving problems.

We put together the NJ Bariatric Institute as a comprehensive organization for your benefit. It remains our goal to add life to your years as well as years to your life.