Net Intake

NetIntake™ was developed to provide the education and support you need before and/or after your surgery. NetIntake™ is a complement to your doctor’s services, not a replacement. NetIntake™ is a comprehensive program designed to increase your chances of achieving and maintaining your long term weight loss goals.

Easy and Practical Weight Loss – Customized Care Plans, Professional Counseling and At Home Monitoring:

Customized Care

We adapt to YOUR needs and lifestyle. We do not expect you to adapt to our program. – Initial visit serves to evaluate your needs and establish your treatment plan – Follow up visits for counseling and support are scheduled at a minimum of one per month, or as needed – Academically trained Nutritionists and/or Behaviorists experienced in Bariatrics provide your care.

Professional Counseling

Weight Loss, Nutrition, Physical Well Being and Behavior Modification. Face to Face and/or Web Based – Lifestyle Management. Basic and Advanced Nutrition – Calorie Manipulation and Balancing.

Advanced Monitoring

Net Intake™ CONNECTIVITY: Connect to Our Office and the Office of Your Doctor – OPTIONAL Service – Convenient Remote “At Home” Monitoring – Personalized Net Intake™ Smart Phone / App and Bluetooth Devices – Motivating Tool Designed to Improve Accountability – Capable of Monitoring Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Food Intake, and/or Exercise – Secured Data is transmitted to a central system where health team members and your doctor can assess – State of the Art Technology is HIPAA Certified and FDA Cleared – Body Composition Analysis: Objective Measurement of Body Fat and Muscle Mass – In addition to the scale, a valuable tool for progress evaluation and positive reinforcement – Non Invasive test does not cause any pain or discomfort – Encourages achieving goal of initiating breakdown of body fat and maintenance or increase in muscle.

Getting Started

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