NJ Bariatric Team

The NJ Bariatric team focuses on weight management which is our only business. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our ability to deliver superior care. Our staff members are specifically interested and trained in obesity and its management.

NJ Bariatric Team

Weight Loss Surgeon


The traditional route of communication includes the telephone. Our reception personnel are well trained, knowledgeable, friendly and happy to help you find the expert appropriate for your needs.


We understand that your policy is probably not easily understood and that the cost of medical care is substantial. Our goal is transparency. You need to understand your options. Our personnel are familiar with cash pay options, as well as each major insurer, their rules and requirements. They will give you direct advice regarding your existing coverage.


Our nurses have a special interest in Bariatric care. Each has special Bariatric training and understands all aspects of your journey, medical and surgical. They are experienced and compassionate. They function as uniquely important assets between you as the patient, and our physician staff.


Our surgeons focus on Bariatrics. They are expert in all aspects of laparoscopy. They also perform endoscopy and endoluminal (inside the stomach or intestine) procedures. They have performed thousands of procedures. They are known regionally and nationally, having presented at National surgical meetings, written articles for peer reviewed surgical publications and participated in clinical research studies. They also happen to be empathetic, compassionate, genuine people who are excellent teachers.


Our nutrition staff understands your disease. Bariatric nutrition varies from traditional nutrition practice and encompasses the need for specialized knowledge and understanding. We have collected people who can help you in whatever path you choose to follow. It is your choice. You can access them through traditional office appointments, or electronically through the practice portal. Appointments can be scheduled electronically, and can even be conducted electronically through virtual consultations. With this route, even long term monitoring can be maintained electronically.


At NJ Bariatric Institute, we understand how much of your disease is related to habits. Behavioral change is never easy. Our experts understand your disease, the care options which are available both medically and surgically, and can help you cope. They will thoroughly evaluate you, identify your unique characteristics, and identify ways to empower you to be successful in your journey.

Medical Doctors

Our medical staff is sub specialized. They are not intended to replace your regular medical doctor. They have specialized understanding of the disease of morbid obesity and ALL of the treatment options available to fight it. They have a deep understanding of the medications available and their effects. They understand metabolic medicine, and offer both traditional and innovative options. They are also familiar with nutraceutical and some alternative therapy options.