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In our field, things happen fast. Science and technology are identifying new innovations. The government, both State and Federal, are changing their relationship to healthcare. Insurance companies are constantly shaking things up. We recognize that it’s hard to keep abreast of all of these new developments. The NJ Bariatric Institute exists to empower our patients. We will try to help keep you informed regarding the new items which matter. The information provided here is intended for you. It is stuff that affects your health and welfare. It’s our promise that we’ll do our best to help you to keep your health and welfare a major priority.



Listen to Dr. Nicholas Bertha discuss Morbid Obesity and Sleep Medicine.



Read the latest from Dr. Nicholas Bertha and NJ Bariatric Institute.



Review these PowerPoint Presentations by Dr. Nicholas Bertha for a better understanding in Obesity and Cancer and Obesity and Sleep Medication.

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