Coconut Oil Sales Plummet

Coconut Oil Sales Plummet

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We’re not shocked to be reporting that coconut oil—once known as a healthier-for-you Paleo alternative—is now no longer en vogue with home cooks. We’ve previously covered how coconut oil’s high levels of saturated fat can negatively affect your cholesterol level, and how the American Heart Association recommends opting instead for other heart-healthy oils.

Despite widespread claims that coconut oil can boost immunity and help dieters lose weight, industry sales fell flat in 2017, according to data from market research firm SPINS, reports Food Navigator.

Coconut oil exploded in popularity after a string of studies suggested medium-chain fatty acids found in the oil were worth making the switch. By the end of 2013, Google’s data reflected the trend was official—search demand for coconut oil more than doubled, and food manufacturers rushed to make coconut oil-infused products, according to the Washington Post. At its peak in 2015, coconut oil was generating over $229 million in sales.

When the American Heart Association published new reports that coconut oil had too much saturated fat, sales began to slow down. By the end of 2017, retailers sold $52 million less in the coconut oil category—a whopping 24.3 percent drop from 2016, the Post reports.

The trend cycle of healthy, wholesome foods always is changing, and there are a few newcomers we’re looking out for. But coconut oil is one health trend we’re ready to wave goodbye to.


We’re not surprised either.  One more example of the “Wonder Food” of the day flaming out and demonstrating that there is not much new in nutrition.  What you were once told was not good for you, generally turns out to actually be not good for you despite the celebrities who have had “World Class results” using it and endorse it highly.  The last time I checked, Gwyneth Paltrow did not have an advanced degree in nutrition.  PT Barnum did not either, however he was right when he stated: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” 

It’s a worthy life goal to not be considered that sucker . . .

Any intervention which you adopt whether it be nutrition based, vitamin or herb based or procedural must be vetted with real data.  Bariatric surgery has been questioned and attacked more than virtually any medical intervention known to mankind.  Guess what?  It has passed each and every time.  There are reams of studies demonstrating its health improving benefits. 

Kudos to Mariah Carey for her recent choice to have a gastric sleeve instead of turning to the option of the “Coconut Oil Diet.”


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