Obesity may damage livers of children

Obesity may damage livers of children

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Obesity may damage livers of children as young as eight, research suggests

Research published in the Journal of Pediatrics suggests “obesity can damage the livers of children as young as eight.”

Investigators “found the larger a child’s waist circumference is at the age of 3 the more likely that by the age of 8 that child will have markers for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.”

Non alcoholic liver disease is now the #1 source of disease leading to liver transplantation in the world.  It has surpassed cirrhosis and other causes.  The incidence has paralleled the obesity epidemic and the rising rates seen across the world.  It is certainly disturbing that the signs are seen in children of such a young age and likely means that their length of life will be limited.  Another good reason to avoid the weight if possible and deal with it as soon as possible if not able to avoid it.

One of the first things to respond after bariatric surgery is fatty liver disease.  Changes are seen for the better in the first post operative month!

Bariatric surgery changes lives.  It eliminates risk factors for premature death and preserves quality and length of life.  Certainly, its something to consider early for our children.

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