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Our program at NJ Bariatric Institute focuses on obesity solutions. We offer surgical and non-surgical options, traditional medicine and innovative new solutions. It is our goal as an organization to provide patients the tools to fight back. We understand that obesity is a DISEASE. We understand the other associated diseases and the debilitating, progressive reduction in quality of life associated with obesity. We’re here to help.

The NJ Bariatric Institute is about options and flexibility. We understand that people are busy. It has been our goal to provide clear, educational material in a user friendly format to allow people access to “straight information about a complex subject matter.” Our intent is to provide the right amount of information necessary for people to become educated about our service offerings, and how they can benefit you. We also want to provide clear pathways for you to follow at the pace of your choosing. Our surgical “Easy Pass” feature has been specifically designed to allow people minimal headaches in navigating the process. This organization exists to provide valuable information for people in all phases of the process, whether it be early consideration or long-term follow up after surgical recovery.

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